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Build & Grow Your Own Audience

Unlike traditional media outlets who charge for access to their audience, WhatsNew.TV works with you to create custom video content so you can build and grow your own audience

What is WhatsNew.TV?

Easy Fast & Affordable Marketing Videos

WhatsNew.TV is a news-style, video content creation service where we interview you, politicians, CEOs, VPs of Marketing and founders of the next big business

Content That Cuts Through The Online Noise

  WhatsNew.TV uses video conferencing and an interview format so you can tell your customers, community or constituents all about your game-changing solutions and revolutionary services.

Your Video & Communications Partner

 Whether you’re just getting started building your social media communities and newsletter subscription lists or you’re looking to grow, WhatsNew.TV can help with quality videos content.  

Check out Our Sample Interviews

Tim Johnson - Ohio Cannabis & Hemp Chamber of Commerce 

As the global shift towards full legalization continues organizations like the Ohio Cannabis & Hemp Chamber of Commerce play a major role in helping businesses with navigating ever evolving regulations and compliance issues.

Tal Ohana - Mayor of Yeruham

With tens of millions of dollars in incubator funding and the full support of the Israeli government, Mayor Tal Ohana is beginning the process of turning her desert town of Yeruham into the cannabis capital of Israel and perhaps the world. 

David Katz - Press Photographer 

We speak with David Katz about photographing Presidents, Prime Ministers and pop stars all while being legally blind. David shares his philosophy of perseverance and we learn about the David Katz Foundation.

Video Packages


Weekly Plan

   When your customers & community  know they can count on seeing your new videos every week, you’ve built more than an audience, you’ve built  valuable relationships. 

$500 US per Video - Billed Monthly


Monthly Plan

Publishing valuable video content to all of your social platforms, marketing channels & newsletters monthly keeps your brand top-of-mind, fresh & current.

$800 US per Video - Billed Monthly 


1 Time – No Commitment

Commitment not your thing? No problem! You’re welcome to give us a try with a 1-time, awesome, no obligation, marketing video.


$1800 US - 1 Time Billing 

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